​​"​​Lukasik’s beguiling, layered performance makes Mindy believably contradictory and complex"​
Glenn Sumi, NOW 

 "The cast to a person is terrific. Besides being wonderful singers, they are all very strong actors. Mindy, as played by Emily Lukasik is a mix of young euphoria at her new found freedom and soul-crushing despair when she deals with her shattering night at the party."
Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter 

 "The leads are convincing and never cloying."
​John Terauds, The Toronto Star  

 " Her final scene ... was riveting. Lukasik bared everything in one of the most complete breakdowns I’ve seen on a stage. Brava! The vulnerability required to produce such a true, cathartic reaction is something few performers possess."
​Greg Finney, Shmopera 

Consent, #MeToo and Changing the Conversation
​She Does The City 

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